Meet the Zulu women who still hold up the Zulu customs to this day in age

Zulu women play a big role within the nation of the Zulu people. These women are the ones known to hold up their families while the husbands are in the city.

Most of these women are not allowed to be employees, because there is still this belief that a women's place is in the kitchen and taking care of the children. But since the western culture has been known to the Zulu people , this is a changing matter because the same women are now found at high places giving out laws to the country.

Zulu women still hold up the Zulu culture customs to this day, in concern of doing the chores and activities that are putted to them and it is expected of them to remain faithful to their husbands, even how hard the challenges of that situation maybe.

Raising children in the Zulu culture has always been the wives responsibility. Men are normally involved only in bringing home money for food. Zulu women do not only depend on the husbands salary. as that may never be enough to feed and cloth five children. The women often have to undertake rough manual labor growing crops, livestock, collecting fire wood and water. Yes traditionally you would expect things things to be  carried out by men, but Zulu women do this in the absence of their husbands who work in the city. Informationn about Zulu people and towns ... Mthonjaneni , Umvoti , Nkandla , Ulundi Kwazulunatal , Mhlathuze Kwazulunatal , Umlalazi Kwazulunatal

Zulu Men

Zulu men have one thing in common, warrior spirit. Men in KwaZulu have grown up with the spirit of standing firm against they enemies. Today the situation is very different: the battle is not fought in the hills of Northern KwaZulu Natal but in the urban job fields were by now they interact with urban situations.

In the past days, a man was defined by agrarian activities, such as the ability to plough, hunting skills and the ability to hold up and protect his family. But everything has changed a man is now defined by his ability to money and position of leadership. In Zulu culture, power is allocated by birth, or is elected to a man. For example, captain warrior is always a respected in the clan , because of  their leadership on training young Zulu men.

Zulu men are known to other cultures as thee strictest proponents of upholding and at the same time sustaining the old Zulu culture. Though some other cultures prefer to adjust to the urban and western side of doing things, Zulu men stick to their roots like clue. One noticeable thing that Zulu men normally do when around other speaking languages is they stress on with the Zulu language. They will not step down to any language.

Zulu men earn their respect due to the number of cows they have in their kraal, because this then means they are rich and following the Zulu culture and history they have the potential to take more than two wives. Male zulu names , Zulu girls (maidens) and Zulu surnames

All children of both sexes are expected to undertake chores and contribute to the running of the household. At the same time provisions for playing in the field are permitted. For this fact you may think every culture does have such expectations from its growing children but... Zulu children are taught to have great extensive responsibility to their parents and tribe. That is some of the reasons circumcisions within zulu children is taken with pride.